What do you do two times a week to keep you feeling clean and sexy?

Every week I use “Betadine Feminine Wash” twice a week. I can’t remember when is the first time I used the “Betadine Feminie Wash”. But ever since I tried it, I never stop using it twice a week, even my OB Gynecologist has prescribed me during my pregnancy.

After I gave birth to my son I’m still using it twice a week, and it helps me a lot. Specially during my period, sometimes I felt very uncomfortable & itchy, but with the help of “Betadine Feminine Wash”, I felt really fresh and clean after washing, no more itchiness and uncomfortable feeling during period. It really relieves any irritation quickly.

There’s no women I know who doesn’t use it. But if ever there is someone who doesn’t, I will recommend it.

Remember girls, being Clean is the New Sexy.



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