5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays



This coming December, there will be a lot of excitements and stress. But never to worry… Using this 5 Tips I learned from my parents and experience are very dependable to boost or improve our immune system against sickness.


Here are the 5 Tips to Boost Immunity.

  1. Eat a balance diet, specially fruits, vegetables, and foods that has low saturated fat.
  2. Have atleast 8 hrs. sleep everyday. If you can’t have stright 8hrs sleep, then split the time. As long you can have a total 8hrs sleep a day this will be very much helpful for your body and mind to protect your health.
  3. Drink a lot of water, atleast 8 glass a day. This very essential to circulate our blood.
  4. Avoid smoking tobaco and drinking alcohol.
  5. Take vitamins such as Fern-C Sodium Ascorbate.


Benefits of Sodium Acorbate and Antioxidant :

  • As super anti-oxidant, it strengthens the immune system of the body.
  • Protects the body against flu, cough, bronchitis, respiratory problems, viral and bacterial infections.
  • Safeguards the heart and entire cardiovascular system from bad cholesterol deposition.
  • Gets rid of accumulated toxins like heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants found in air, food and water in the body.
  • Acts as a natural anesthetic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Inhibits tartar formation by preventing periodical damage to gums & sockets.
  • Helps ease mental stress & protects against stress-related disorders.
  • Helps stop constipation & shrink hemorrhoids.
  • Strengthens the capillaries & other blood vessels.
  • The antihistamine actions of Fern-C enable people to tolerate food they otherwise could not eat.
  • Maintains your adrenal cortex and ovaries.
  • Reduces insulin requirement of diabetics.
  • Has shown a remarkable capacity to help knit bone & wage battle against such supposedly hopeless bone disorder.
  • Aids the white blood cells in its ability to fight viruses (stimulate phagocytic activity).
  • Enhances sexual performance by abetting the healthy functioning of the endocrine glands.



Sodium Ascorbate VS Ascorbic Acid


Indications or uses

Sodium Ascorbate is also used as a food additive. It is an antioxidant preservative useful for the conservation of color, taste and for the prevention of carcinogenic substance that can affect the food.

As a dietary supplement, sodium ascorbate is an antioxidant similar to ascorbic acid. These two are indicated for individuals with vitamin C deficiency to prevent scurvy. These supplements tend to increase body resistance to infections and stress. Sodium ascorbate and ascobic acid are employed to prevent colds. Not only that these vitamins can promote fast wound healing, sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid can also prevent anemia, bone fractures and vulnerability of the small blood vessels.



Both Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid should be used in precaution to individuals with hyperoxaluria – a condition of excessive production of oxalate which is not good for the kidneys. Both supplements are also to be used in precaution with people who have liver impairment, G6PD deficiency, cancer and diabetes.

High doses of ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate can cause insulin resistance that may lead to hyperglycemia or an increased in sugar levels in the blood.

Both supplements are not recommended to be taken in large doses during pregnancy for there had been reports, although rarely, of scurvy in infants upon childbirth.

Individuals who have haemochromatosis – a disorder resulting from too much iron in the GIT should not take sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid. As vitamin C, both supplements can increase absorption of iron in the body.

Ascorbic Acid is to be used in caution with people who have stomach ulcers. On the other hand, sodium ascorbate is also to be taken carefully in hypertensive people for it contains sodium.


Side effects

Ascorbic acid has been known to cause gastric ulceration in susceptible individuals. But, similar to sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid can also cause kidney stones and diarrhea in high doses.


Drug interactions

Both Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Ascorbate can increase the concentration of ethinyl estradiol – a component in an oral contraceptive pill. While both dietary supplements can hinder the effect of anticoagulant drugs such as aspirin, warfarin and others, these two can also boost the absorption of iron.


So, is Sodium Ascorbate better than Ascorbic Acid?

Sodium Ascorbate contains ascorbic acid in combination with sodium. What makes sodium ascorbate special is its alkaline content that counter-balances the acidity of ascorbic acid. Because sodium ascorbate is usually in capsule form, it also dissolves faster than ascorbic acid which is generally in tablet type.

Compared to Ascorbic Acid, sodium ascorbate stays longer within the body (about 12 to 14 hours) which can be beneficial for its antioxidant value. More to this, because of ascorbic acid’s acidic nature, more of it is flushed down from the body. Only 25 percent of ascorbic acid is consumed by the blood stream unlike sodium ascorbate which can be absorbed for about 95 percent.

Considering the side effect, both of the dietary supplements have the same consequences. The good news, these untoward reactions such as diarrhea or kidney stones can only be possible in an overdose. In addition, kidney stones can only be probable for susceptible individuals. This issue also goes with the sodium content in sodium ascorbate. As long as the sodium consumed by the body is monitored and if sodium in sodium ascorbate does not add up to other sources of sodium like in food (salt) or in other medications (diclofenac sodium, sodium bicarbonate etc.) sodium ascorbate may still be beneficial even for hypertensive people.

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