Our 2015 Christmas Tree Inspired by Ferrero Rocher



Every year when Christmas is near, everyone is very much excited to decorate their Christmas tree. Some also hang Christmas Lantern outside their windows, door, gate, or outside trees.


Everyone’s family love to decorate Christmas tree, each of them help each other to decorate it. Decorating Christmas tree is full of fun, especially to children.


Their excited to hang the decoration, and put a very special decoration on top of the Christmas Tree.


Everyone’s home that celebrating Christmas has always a Christmas Tree, mostly they want their Christmas Tree will look different from previous years Christmas. And every years there is a lot of new decorations.


In this year our Christmas tree has a new decoration and something special as well. My son made Santa Decor from school project/activity for Christmas Decoration. With my husband help, He help my son to put Santa Decor on top of the Christmas Tree.


IMG_1630   IMG_1628

 IMG_1634   IMG_1635

 IMG_1636   IMG_1640


My husband said we will decorate Christmas tree by three layer, he will be in charge at the top of it, while me at the middle, and lastly my son will be at the bottom.


We really enjoyed a lot and felt the happines of decorating Christmas tree.


Last decoration was very much helpful as well, from Ferrero Rocher, my Son loves the star design, he was not even aware what was inside of it. He thinks of it as a decoration for the Christmas tree. It will be a huge surprise for him when he found out about it on Christmas day. I can’t wait what will be his reaction when he found out. 


Ferrero   Ferrero1


As for me, I’m very much looking to it too share with my son, eating  Ferrero Rocher Chocolate. As I love the chocolate, my son loves it too as well… Well everybody does… I guess… 


For those who haven’t tried it, its not too late, you can go out NOW! And buy those wonderful and delicious Ferrero Rocher.


Have a wonderful, joyous, and amazing Christmas this year. 



– Mommy Comper –
(aka Keizylyn)



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