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Eating sweets brings a different kind of joy and satisfaction, and as much as we try to deny that we don’t need it in our lives, well we do. A birthday is never complete when there’s no cake at the table, and the long sigh you make when they’re finally slicing the cake for all your guests to share is just priceless.


So when you hear the doctor tells you that you have to cut back on eating sweets because of diabetes, it’s a complete bummer, but don’t fret. Bakeries and baking products has a variety of alternatives for people who can’t eat much sugar but enjoys eating sweets. The joy of eating sweets is a priceless feeling especially for people who are older, the feeling of taking a bite of a chocolate cake or a candy is that, it brings you back to your childhood when all your worries were as small as a pea. Don’t be scared to revisit your childhood with BitterGo.


BitterGo  is a dietary food supplement that is a combination of  Ampalaya PowderBanaba PowderLuyang Dilawand  Bawang Powder.


All these combined natural elements have the ability to help manage your insulin levels. It could also aid in lowering your blood sugar levels, which is a complication to people with diabetes.


BitterGo is only P7.50 per capsule, available at Mercury Drug and all leading drugstores nationwide. Go na go with BitterGo!



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