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Nowadays, So many dietary supplements come in a variety of forms such as tablets, capsules, as well as drinks and energy bars. It’s becoming hard to tell which product yields the best and safest results.


Now we have to think hard which is which, is better and useful to our health. Because first of all we have to consider our health safety first. 






MySlim is the first slimming and detox drink clinically proven to promote safe weight loss for its special Yerba Mate formulation.



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MySlim Yerba Mate Drink  helps you lose weight with its main benefits includes increases fat burning and reduces fat resorption.



MySlim – Yerba Mate Drink



MySlim – Yerba Mate Drink




How To Use


MySlim Detox and Slimming Drink best to drink ANYTIME whenever at the comfort of your home. Drink 2 Yerba Mate drink per week (maximum of 4 drinks per week only).



Key Ingredients


Finomate -EFLA 920  Clinically proven to help you lose weight.

Carnipure    Converts your fats into energy.

Palatinose    Prolonged energy supply. 



MySlim – Yerba Mate Drink




Apart from Yerba Mate, mySlim is also packed with Palatinose which promotes energy for longer periods of time. It also has Carnipure which reduces the sensation of hunger therefore reducing one’s food intake.






MySlim – Slimming Capsule  helps you lose weight with its main benefits like appetite suppression and thermogenic effect.


MySlim – Slimming Capsule


MySlim – Slimming Capsule



How To Use


MySlim Slimming Capsules  –  take 2 to 4 capsules per day. 2 capsule/s in the morning, and 1 or 2 capsule/s at noon, before or after meals. 



Key Ingredients


Finomate  –   EFLA 920  Clinically proven to help you lose weight.

Carnipure   Converts your fats into energy.

EGCG    Green Tea Extract   It inhibits fat cell development and it increases fat excretion.

Garcitrin   It has the ability to curb appetite, burn fats and stop weight gain.





MySlim Sachet


MySlim Sachet


size: 31g
1 box of 12 sachets



Yerba Mate reduces fat without shedding lean muscle mass and only burns unwanted fat, making you fit and healthy. 



Yerba Mate was First Discovered in Brazil and was then used for tea. Over the centuries since its discovery, clinical studies and research proved that it is also an effective weight loss component.



mySlim was developed by Vida Nutriscience Incorporated, one of the leading health and wellness products provider in the market and the country’s go-to provider of safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products.



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MySlim’s Have new Brand Ambassador , Jennylyn Mercado was chosen as the perfect image of strength and value for one’s constant improvement – both of which are mySlim’s brand philosophy.










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