Tell Your Co­Worker How You Truly Feel via Veems’ Free “Secret SMS” Feature 



Tell to someone how you trully feels via Veems’ Free  “Secret SMS”  Feature


We Filipinos are known for our nonconfrontational nature. Often, we don’t say how we truly  feel — whether we have a crush on someone, or if we’re upset with someone.


Keeping our emotions to ourselves can have negative effects. It can cause stress and tension in our personal and professional relationships.


That’s why Veems , Pinoy’s new favorite social app, released a new feature that allows people
to express their feelings easily. How? You can do it via the “Secret SMS” feature on Veems.


The feature allows users to send free anonymous SMS to anyone in their phone’s contact, even
if they are not on Veems.






Veem really does help us to convey our thoughts or feelings to someone.







Here’s my Personal Experience with Veem.


There was I time that I got upset with someone, and I wasn’t able to tell to that person about it, plus I’m having a worst day of my life.



I used Veem to let that person know what I felt about it. I’m very much upset for what happend,  I really felt frustrated that day.


Then before the day end, that person called me and said, “I’m very sorry, I got confuse you with someone else. And I really regret for what I did, I really know it wasn’t you, but I was totally stupid for not facing the truth”.


Then I told to that person Please, not to do it again and your appology is accepted”.


With Veem it end my day peacefully, and with better relationship with my friend.






The catch? Users can only send preloaded messages. The messages are categorized according to people’s most common emotions: Miss, Upset, Regret, and of course, Love.



For example,  if you have a crush on someone at work, you can secretly send, “I can’t wait to see you at work.” Or if you admire someone and you’re quite shy to tell them in person, you can send, “You inspire me.”



When your contact receives the SMS, they will see a portion of the message. When they click the link, they will see the entire message and will have the option to download Veems in order for them to guess who sent the message.


The team behind Veems hopes that it is a first step for allowing people to discuss their feelings. Sometimes we’re scared to express our true emotions because we’re scared or afraid to be judged. Letting someone know how we feel anonymously can be a liberating feeling.    Download  Veems  in you Smartphones or Tablet and start sending those Secret SMS




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