Sending Secret Message to your Family, Relatives, & Friends.



I just found out sending message using veem to get in touch with your family is fun as well.

Try sending a message using “work” category, and choose “Wish we can have lunch together”. And wait you your husband, child, or your whole family to get home soon to get lunch together. I tried once during weekends and it works. My hubby came back home early and said “I knew you send this message, that’s why I came home early to have lunch with you.”


Also you may as well try this is you have an argument with your sibling or family member, again from “work” category and select “I wish you would just listen and hear me out”. After sometime the receiver will reply or talk to you in person to settle the arguments.


And there a lot more to use with your family members, you can even use it to your family relatives or friends.


For instance if your having a very bad day and you needed most your bestfriend. Choose “miss” category and tap “I miss you, I wish you were here.” The receiver might reply soon, or might call you if that person knowns you well, or might even visit you if that person are around the neighborhood only.


Veems has a lots of usage, specially reaching someone and letting them know how you feel. Whether that person is your someone special, have an argument with or upset with, your family members, relatives, friends, or completely strangers to each other. Veems will make both of you or you and the the other group closer. The more messages you send the closer you will get, the closer you get the more feelings was expressed. Veems will make other people in your contact to be touched with your feelings. Try sending missing their smile. They will reply you with a smile.



Veems Secret SMS



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