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Today I will be going to share the benefits of online shopping and introduce to you ways to increase your savings. There are other ways of increasing your savings beside getting it from discounts, but that will be touched upon later. First, I will explain the  benefits of online shopping as well as the benefits of shopping at physical stores. I will also list down and briefly describe the popular online stores that I like.



Online Shop Benefits:

  1. Save yourself from tiresome searching.
  2. Save yourself from having to deal with heavy traffic.
  3. Save on travelling or gasoline expenses.
  4. Learn from the experience & reviews of others.
  5. Avoid airborne viruses & pollution.
  6. Get amazing discounts, sometimes free delivery as well.
  7. It will give you more time for your family and yourself.
  8. You can research more about the product features & specification.
  9. Much quicker and easier to browse/search for items from the online stores.
  10. Compare products, specification, quality, and/or price online.
  11. You can purchase items or services while you’re at home, office, out of town, or even on vacation.






Physical Shop Benefits:

  1. Change of scenery.
  2. You can do a hands-on check & test of the items.
  3. You get the exercise from walking and carrying your items.
  4. Sometimes you will be able to purchase a sale items not posted in online shop.
  5. Chance to participate and win on their raffle giveaways.






I’m sure you can think of other more reason why it is better to shop at online stores or physical stores but from the comparison above, shopping online does offer more benefits than shopping at physical stores.


What’s more: in addition to the great discounts and sales prevalent on online shopping, you can now get cashback for your online purchases as well. “ShopBack” Philippines is a cashback site for online shopping, offering you cashback on top of the discounts you already get whenever you shop at one of their stores. Shopback is partnered with over 300 popular online stores like Zalora to help you get the best deals and discounts, plus Cashback rewards!








Some popular online merchant listed on ShopBack are the ff:

  1. Agoda, specializes on giving great deals/discounts on hotel/accommodation needs.
  2. AliExpress, has bigger choices, lower prices, best buys on top wholesale platforms.
  3. Ensogo, specializes in fashion, health & beauty, electronics and home furniture.
  4. Lazada, one-stop shop for all your needs. Be it electronics, kitchen appliances, fashion pieces, beauty products or travel items with unbeatable prices in the Philippines.
  5. Sephora, specialize in beauty products from classic and emerging brands such as makeup, skin care, fragrances and many more.
  6. Zalora, specialize in clothing & shoes for men and women.






Pretty much sure you’ve heard about or are very much familiar with them. If not, then it’s about time you get to know them or familiarize yourself with them. If you usually shop with online stores not mentioned here, don’t worry, just head over to their website to check ShopBack’s complete list of stores! Even if you can’t find the one you want, you can easily find a replacement. 


BTW, the stores I love most are Sephora & AliExpress. I know it’s pretty obvious why, but I will share it anyway on why I love these two stores.


As a woman, a mother, and a wife, I need to stay beautiful and healthy. Hence, I love pampering myself on health and beauty products from Sephora. Plus, they are generous with the samples and they stock the most updated beauty products that just hit in the market.





While for home and living needs I usually browse at AliExpress. Notice from the Sephora screenshot & AliExpress screenshot that cashback are ‘tracked’ within 2 days and it will turn ‘redeemdable’ within 90 days. Therefore, within 2 days of shopping I will be able to see my cash rewards from shopping on any of these two online merchant. It’s really great. I love most of their products, if I can just get it free… I will grab it all, hihihi…  😀




Ok! Enough with the giggles… I’ve already explained the benefits of shopping online and at physcial stores as well as some of most popular merchants I liked.





How ShopBack works?

Merchants reward ShopBack with a commission for referring us to the online shops on their site. Instead of keeping the rewards all to themselves, they share the commission with us.



 What do I need to do?

  1. Visit the ShopBackwebsite and register.
  2. Confirm your account with your email address.
  3. Now you’re ready to begin your shopping online.



How to use ShopBack:

  1. Login first using your email address as your login username.
  2. Choose a product category or online store, then click on your preferred online store.
  3. Once redirected to the online store, stay on the same window/browser tab.
  4. Don’t use or click on online store coupons or discounts not provided by ShopBack.
  5. Don’t forget to enable cookies on you device (computer, phone, or tablet).



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