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Year ago I’m  amazed with health watches in the market. a watch that can monitor track of your workouts, measure your sleep patterns, and quantify each step toward your fitness goals. The amazing Fitbit watch


I was able to have this watch for myself and I’m really amazed of what it can do. It really does what it should do.  The first time I used this I really wanted to know my heartbeat, and I found out my heartbeat rate per minute is 65 beats. Then after a day I tested how it performed while I’m running, It gave me the information I needed. I found out as well our heartbeats changes in everything we do such as running, walking slow face, walking fast face, hiking, watching movie, and more…  


My family and friends asked me why do I need this kind of watch.  I told them I love being Fit and Healthy, that’s why I really needed this kind of watch.  It monitors and tracks my heartbeat and health.  this helped me alot to know some information about my health. Plus I can syncronize my stats wirelessly and automatically to my computer or smartphone, also I can access my stats anywhere and review my progress in charts and graphs. They were really amazed and convinced that they will get one for themselves. 


I hope you will get one for yourself.  Start tracking your health and become more Fit and Healthy. 


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