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Hi  guys and mommies, today I’m going to share my review about www.jspuzzles.com, website provide various jigsaw puzzle, and updated daily.



Jigsaw Puzzle - Olympic National Park, Washington, USA - Classic cut - 9 Pieces



About Jigsaw Puzzle


Its a puzzle consisting of a picture printed on cardboard or wood and cut into various pieces of different shapes that have to be fitted together. – from wikipedia


But! Nowdays, we’re surrounded with electronic device, from computer to mobile gadget. Therefore, jigsaw puzzle will be available as well on those devices. And solving a puzzle has a lot of benefits for a child, parents, and to any adult.



Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzle:


  • bonds with parent & child
  • bonds with partner
  • bonds with co-worker
  • develop individual skill
  • develop group skill
  • develop traits
  • enhance problem-solving strategies
  • enhance management skill
  • enhance visual recognition skill
  • enhance cognitive skill
  • enhance tactile skill
  • enhance social skill
  • enhance collaborative skill
  • enhance ability skill
  • learn to work with a team
  • and a lot more…


Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzle with our brain:

  • improve our logical thinking
  • improve our creativeness
  • improve our short-term memory
  • improve our emotions
  • and more…



About JSPuzzles.com

At first visit on their website you will instantly notice the new puzzle from the top of the page, and the galleries of previous puzzles that are posted, when you scroll down further there will be various puzzle selections by its categories.



Jigsaw Puzzle



I tried to solve the puzzle from any picture, different shape, and number of pieces. The more pieces, the more harder to solve it, that’s kinda challenging to an adult like me. If you’re registered user and able to beat the fastest time from top ten, you will be able to see you username from the leader board.



JS Puzzle Full Page



We tried to use smartphones and tablets too, it is really awesome that the puzzle are compatible with touchscreen. Therefore, whether you’re in desktop/laptop computer or smartphone/tablet device you will still be able to play and solve the puzzle. This is very ideal for your child, to boost their developing brain and enhance their skills.


I tried it with my son, and he did love it playing and solving the puzzle with me. He even asked his daddy to play with him. After we solve the puzzle I asked him what objects he can see from the pictures, with these puzzles I was able to identify which things or object are still unknown to him. Even with colors, I can tell which colors my son is having difficulties of identifying. Therefore, with just playing with him, it helps us both in many ways, from our bonding moment, developing and enhancing his skills, and learning things from its name to shapes and colors.



I hope you find it very useful, especially for those first time mommies and daddies.



For more information visit: http://www.jspuzzles.com




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