Do you have important things or possession to protect?

Fastkeys Door Lock Replacement

Do you have important things or possession to protect?


I‘m sure you do, everybody does. But! Sometimes those tools we used to protect our possession has been forgotten. Because of a lot of different reasons, such as we’re too confident that no one will steal or do bad things to important documents, home, office, and a lot more…


We tend to lose track that the most basic way to protect those important possessions or things has been completely forgotten or neglected. Which is replacing locks, yes you read it right, replacing locks. The lock does have a lifespan, they do wear out, sometimes past to the point that you will be locked out from the access. Especially the locks in the doorknobs of your home or office, and other things… such as gate lock, which is occasionally getting locked and unlocked many times in a day, even office drawers where important documents are stored. When the locks are severely rusted, tarnished, or other visible sign of wear… It’s a serious problem when it comes to security. Also, you might find yourself having a difficulty of opening locks using keys, or it becomes unsteady.


We need to replace our home or office locks if we transferred recently. We don’t know who might have access to previous locks, such as contractor who build our home and office doors, or recent owners who might shares a spare key to someone else. It’s the same as in the office, if you are newly hired or assign to the job or different department, you should at least replace your own table drawer lock, especially if available… your vault combination, cabinet, or locker. But, if it has been used many years, there are a lot of new vault, cabinet, or locker has been made, and might perfect to your usage. I suggest buying new one and the heavier the better, and it has two ways to open the locks.


We also protect valuable things or protect our children from reaching things that can harm them, using locks we can put a safety barrier for them, which they will not be able to touch those things that are dangerous for them or valuable object that can break.


In case you lost your key, don’t be confident that nothing to worry as long as you have the spare key. Sometimes, the person might pick the lost key might be the burglar, and just waiting an opportunity to make break entry. Therefore, to replace your locks you need to find out first which key has been missing. Especially if it’s a gate key, front door, or even backdoor key must be replaced immediately.


The most dangerous when it comes to locks… When your locks have been just unsteady recently without a sign of wear. It might be someone has tried to break entry, sign of force entry, or already succeeded to break entry. The first thing to do if the door is already open, don’t go in by yourself. Call someone from the family, relatives, friends,  neighbor, or better call the police. Seek help before going inside. If the door still locked, better call a locksmith to open the door. Make sure to replace your lock, because the burglar will always return to the crime scene, to have another opportunity, or clear/clean the area for the evidence.


My family were able to experienced a shocking and scary break entry of a burglar to our home. We’re just got lucky that the burglar got surprised that someone are still at home, and he run away as fast as he could when he saw someone came out from one of the room, he even drops his knife and screwdriver in front of the gate. What we did after the incident, we inform the authorities, and changed our front door locks, and installed a lot of various locks. Now our door has more than 2 locks from inside while 2 locks for outside. This really happened to us, and we know how important changing locks from time to time. Because the burglar was able to open our door with ease, and without a sign of force entry.


Even the gate is important, because my mother-in-law experienced a Moped mugger, which the rider of motorcycle tried to grab her bag, which commonly know as snatch and grab. Luckily, there is a lot of people heard her scream and cars to pass by, the rider got scared from the scream of my mother-in-law and drove fast as he could, my husband told me as he opens the gate he even heard the scream of my mother-in-law and engine sound of the speeding motor bike. Therefore, lock from the gate is very much important as front door, even the back door.


Just last month… January 2017 there is another incident, there was a forced entry, we noticed our doorknob was broken from outside when we open the door from the inside, luckily because we installed a lot of locks and locked all the windows, the burglar was not able to get inside. Because of the incident, we are even planning to replace even the front window glass to polycarbonate plastic window. Better one step ahead from the burglar than sorry later, and loss more than the possession we have.


10 Tips to keep your property or home safe:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are securely locked with a key operated lock.
  • Front and rear wooden doors should always be fitted with a 5 lever mortice deadlock/sashlock.
  • If front and rear doors are UPVC they should be fitted with anti-snap cylinders to prevent forced entry.
  • Letter boxes should be fitted with an anti-phishing device, this is to prevent house and car keys being hooked through the letter box.
  • All windows should be fitted with a key operated window lock.
  • Always keep sheds and outbuildings locked, never leave garden tools out.
  • Leave some lights on when you go out, where there are dark outside places install a security light.
  • Lock important documents away (recommend a house safe).
  • Always shred documents with your details on to prevent fraud.
  • Always check who’s at the door and don’t open it, ask for ID, fit a door viewer and door chain.



Following various locks that will helps to keep safe your possessions, home, or office:


FastKeys: Home, Office, or Furniture Locks
Cam and Locker Locks
Euro and Oval Cylinders Locks
Combination Locks
Rim Locks
Commercial Locks
Domestic Locks



For more options, such as keys, safes, key cabinets, master suites, hardwares, accessories, car keys or car lock program, and more information about securing or safeguarding of your possession or the lives of people surround you. Please visit the lock and key specialist:

They do have various options to help you with fast key or lock replacement.


About Fast Keys:
Fast Key Services was established more than 25 years ago to meet a growing demand for replacement office furniture and locker keys. The business has grown enormously since it’s humble origins in a garden shed, to become the UK’s leading supplier of office furniture and locker keys. This has been achieved by maintaining a high level of service at competitive prices. Even as the company has grown, they have not wavered from their commitment to the same day they dispatch and good customer services. As well as keys, Fastkeys also supply an extensive range of office furniture locks, Key cabinets, master suites key systems, safes, key safes and other accessories.




About polycabonate plastic please refer from this link:



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