Brain Exercises that will Help You Become Smarter



A healthy brain is essential to have an Active, Vibrant, and Fulfilling Life.


Reduced Brain function is normal as we age, so it makes sense that we should keep it healthy before it’s too late.




Here are simple activities that are good brain exercises that can keep us Sharp and Protect us from Mental decline:



  1. Change your dominate hand. If you’re right-handed, it’s time to try doing normal tasks like brushing your teeth with your left hand.


  1. Use chopsticks to force yourself to eat mindfully, which can have a good effect on your calorie consumption, digestion, and your brain. If you’re used to using chopsticks, switch to your non-dominant hand as well.


  1. Close your eyes while performing some activities. These include taking a shower or even sorting your laundry. Doing so can force your brain to look for new pathways, but of course don’t do anything without looking if it will put you in danger.


  1. Try new things, such as eating an unfamiliar cuisine, trying a new hobby, or traveling to another place you’ve never been to. These new activities can stimulate the formation of new neurons in the brain.


  1. Don’t rely on Technology. Do things the hard way, such as when you spell or add or subtract numbers. Memorize your friends’ phone numbers and turn off your GPS. Learn how to read a map and use your natural sense of direction.


  1. Have more Sex. Scientists from Princeton discovered that rats that are sexually active had more neurons in their brains that allowed them to retain more information. Obviously, we’re not rats, but the researchers believed that the same principle can be true to humans. More sex can help lower stress hormones and anxiety. Believe it or not, your mattress can contribute to the experience. Two of the recommended mattress types for couples are latex and memory foam. Choosing the right mattress type for you can help improve bedroom activity enjoyment and even your sleep quality.




Our lives mostly come with a series of unchanging, boring routines. Though they simplify our lives, they also limit how our brain works. We can even perform complex tasks, such as driving our car with no need to exert mental effort. Consequently, these routines don’t really provide stimulation for our brain. Proactively changing your daily routine can help give you a healthier and sharper mind. Try the simple exercises above to prevent future cognitive decline and memory loss.





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