Looking for perfect car for your family?

Looking for perfect car for your family?



Looking for perfect car for your family?


I know, looking car for a perfect car for the family is very troublesome, and can give you tons and tons of headache. Why? It’s because there are lots and lots of cars to choose, and if we look each cars they are all great. Especially, when we have a lot of reasons why we want that car or the other car and so on…

In this article, I will help you how to solve your problem on finding a perfect car from Cars.com for your family. I will show you the step by steps how to solve your problem.



The most important question is the “budget”. But, if the budget does not matter, we can skip here, and proceed to the next step. The budget is very important and most helpful to narrow the options. Let say your budget is around $10,000 to $30,000. From there we can get all the information of cars details, specification, and features. Also, the reasons why should we buy new or used car.


If you have a big family, space is one big factor in our choice. But, if you are planning to purchase your first car for your family, and your kids are still little ones, you don’t have to consider a big spacious car. But, you have to consider the baby car seat placement.


Groceries & Shopping
Sometimes, this is another factor to consider as well. If you less often to do groceries or shopping in a month. But, you always buy a lot of things. Then, you must consider as well a very spacious car or with a big compartment. For some family, they often do shopping weekly and does not buy a lot of things. If you’re one of those families, you don’t need to consider a spacious car or big compartment.


New or Used Car
Everyone thought buying a new car are better. Yes, if you have a lot of budget, and this will be your second car. But, if this is your first car, and you are still learning things. It is much better to buy used car. Especially, you can save a lot and purchase other things for your car, such as insurance, car paint, car interior design, and any other things…


If you have decided to buy a new car, please read the next step, or continue reading for a used car mileage. Mileage is very important to distinguish which is a much better car and price value. It’s because, milage will tell you how long it was driven per year. The average mileage its around 12,000 miles. The lesser the better. But don’t forget about the year. Let say if there are two cars. The first case has 30,000 mileage and it was driven for three years. While the other car has the same mileage but it was driven for two years. Even though the second car was driven in 2 years only, the first car is much better than the second car. Its because the first car average miles it was driven is 10,000 miles. While the second car it was driven for 15,000 miles per year. The less mileage per year the better. But don’t forget not to buy a car that has been driven more than seven years or 84,000 miles from the mileage. It’s because, this car mostly needed a maintenance or repair. Which will be more costly in the long run.


From the cars specification, you need to compare likeness of the car style, color, reability, safety, comfort, technology, fuel efficiency, performance, and value for the money.


Choose Car
Finally, you will be able to choose which car that is perfect for your family. Below are some ideal cars you might like.



Looking for more specific car.


Negotiation & Decision
Negotiate when you are going to buy, how much you can lessen the cost, and how you are going to pay.


Things to do and to consider after purchasing the car

  • Get quotes and process your car insurance. There are two kinds of car insurance, collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.
  • Arrange your financing and daily budget.
  • Get quotes and process your personal accident insurance.
  • Purchase baby or toddler car seat.
  • Child Passenger Safety Regulation.
  • Regulation for child seating in the front seat.



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