One of the best solution for Traveller’s diarrhea

One of the best solutions for Travelers' diarrhea (Bacteria)

One of the best solution for Traveller’s diarrhea


What is Travelers diarrhea?
Travelers diarrhea is an illness caused by bacteria in the intestine. The attack rates range from 30% to 70% of travelers according to studies, depending to location, time, and season.


What is the causes of Travelers diarrhea?
Eating with uncleaned hand. Some food get spoiled easily, especially when the food was exposed to outside air, since the air outside our home are full of airborne viruses or bacteria. Drinking water from unknown source. Based from the studies around the globe. Travelers diarrhea was caused by poor hygiene, food poisoning, or dirty water.


How to prevent Travelers diarrhea?
Have a good proper hygiene before eating, clean drinking water, & sealed cooked meal.


How to cure Travelers diarrhea?
One of the best solution or remedy is Azithromycin travelers diarrhea tablets, its an anti-bacterial tablet for intestine. It prevent bacteria to spread more and destroy the bacteria as well.


Asizthromycin - One of the best solutions for Travelers' diarrhea


How effective is Azithromycin?
Azithromycin is a highly effective treatment for traveller’s diarrhea. However, its overall effectiveness is rated at 97%, as it has proved ineffective against giardia and amoebic dysentery. If Azithromycin doesn’t successfully clear up you diarrhea, you should seek further advice from a doctor.


How can I tell if the treatment is working?
Taking Azithromycin will reduce the overall duration of your diarrhea. Without treatment, symptoms usually persist for 3-4 days. Using Azithromycin will cut this time down to 1-2 days. You will know whether Azithromycin is working by whether your symptoms have cleared up within this time. If the diarrhea persists, consult with a doctor.


When do I need to start treatment?
Treatment should be commenced as soon as you notice any symptoms of diarrhea. These symptoms include; frequent loose stools, nausea, and stomach cramps. The sooner treatment is started, the quicker your recovery will be.


Will I need to continue the course until the diarrhea has completely cleared up?
Yes. This will help prevent resistant strains of bacteria from developing.


Can I drink alcohol whilst taking Azithromycin?
No. Alcohol can potentially neutralise the positive effects of Azithromycin. This will mean your diarrhea won’t be cured effectively.


Where in the world is Azithromycin a good option?
Azithromycin is the best method for treating bacterially caused diarrhea. Azithromycin is particularly effective in South East Asia. This is because, in that region, most cases of diarrhea are caused by bacteria.


Do I need a prescription to obtain Azithromycin?
Yes. Azithromycin is a prescription-only-medicine (POM). A private prescription can be issued online by visiting The Online Doctor at The Independent Pharmacy. After your consultation is reviewed by one of our doctors, your treatment can be promptly dispatched.


Is Azithromycin known as anything else?
Brand names of Azithromycin include; Zithromax and Zmax.



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