How Students Save Money, Time and Stress

How Students Save Money, Time and Stress

How Students Save Money, Time and Stress


Being a student in London is exciting. As well as forty of some of the best universities and higher education colleges in the world, it also has incredible theatres, live events, bars and clubs to cater for every taste.

One of the big challenges – apart from staying focussed on your degree – is saving money. London is an expensive city to live in even when you’re on a full salary, let alone when you’re a student with limited opportunities to earn extra cash around your studies. If you’re trying to make ends meet on a student’s budget you need to be efficient and do it without additional stress eating into the important business of your studies.

One way of the biggest expenses a student is likely to encounter is accommodation. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in London already, or have family or friends there with the space and the willingness to let you stay, you’re going to be paying a lot for somewhere to live while you study.

University halls of residence may not be the best answer for you: with many companies entering the market and offering luxury accommodation to wealthy students, the most expensive halls in London cost as much as £490 a week, and there are less opportunities for people without a budget that big.

Finding a cheaper private landlord could be a helpful way forward if you’re trying to conserve your money: partnering up with other friends from your course will allow you to split the rent so it becomes manageable for you. Online property search tools like Zoopla and Rightmove include tools to set the maximum amount you’d be willing to pay and also calculate your journey time from the property to where you study so you can find somewhere to suit all your needs. With public transport cheaper for students if you register for a Student Oyster card, casting your net a little wider geographically might reward you with an ideal house at a more affordable price.

If the perfect property isn’t available immediately and you need to find somewhere to keep your stuff while you sofa surf or stay with a partner, and you’re looking for cheap storage London has plenty of options that will keep your possessions safe until you’ve found a permanent home for them (and for yourself).





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