Fertility Tips for your Man



If you have been trying to get pregnant for months and a pregnancy hasn’t happened, you will understandably become frustrated.


You may be at a healthy weight, and eating well, and getting the exercise you need, having no issues with your cycles- that said, the problem may not even be with your fertility. It could be your man!


In fact, it has been noted in the past through various fertility studies written that up to 35% of cases of infertility have to do with the man. The main reasons for male infertility are due to low sperm count and poor sperm motility, and morphology which is the shape of the sperm. In other words, the sperm quality may be poor and after all it does take two to make a baby. If one is having fertility issues, then a baby won’t be made. However, there is good news. Just like female fertility can be helped in many cases through natural ways, male fertility can be helped as well. These male fertility tips listed below can help your man produce normal and healthy sperm in much larger amounts.



Make Modifications to His Diet


If your man is eating a lot of take-out food, fast food and refined carbohydrates such as candies, potato chips, cookies, cakes and white bread- then that is certainly going to have a negative impact on male infertility. There is not a lot of good and useful nutrients to help with sperm production. Therefore, he needs to make some serious dietary changes. He may want to consult with a dietician or nutritionist, however if he is eating plenty of fruits and vegetables,  along with low-fat dairy and protein – that should help with the production of sperm.



His Weight May be a Problem


If your man is extremely overweight or underweight, that can certainly have a negative impact on his sperm production. Not to mention, weight extremes can have harmful effects on your body as a whole. That being said, fertility will certainly be affected.  If you are concerned about his weight, then approach it in a way that will not hurt his feelings, and he will be receptive about doing something about it. Encourage him to talk to the doctor about how he can get himself to a healthy weight, regardless of whether he needs to lose or gain.



Getting Moderate Exercise is Important


What are his activity levels like? If he is living a sedentary lifestyle and is not moving much, that will not be good for him. Therefore, his sperm count and quality will be affected. If he is getting too much exercise where he is working out and running marathons for hours daily, his fertility levels will be affected the same way. If he receives moderate exercise such as walking for a half hour 5 days a week, that will be good for his body. Therefore his fertility will benefit. If he is unsure about the amount and intensity of exercise that he needs, encourage him to talk to his doctor.



Destressing and Relaxation is Important


Even though stress is part of life, and our bodies adapt to functioning with typical stress- too much stress however can certainly affect male fertility. It is extremely important that your man takes time to distress by doing activities that he enjoys, learns meditation and listens to music. Square out some time to have some fun together as well. If he can learn to relax and distress, he will be healthier, and so will his sperm quality.



Buy Him Vitamin C Supplements


Having a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals is crucial to enhance both female and male fertility. However, some vitamins and minerals are more important than others when it comes to improving sperm quality.


Vitamin C is incredibly important for him to take because it helps sperm from sticking and clumping together. It is best for him to take supplements since diet alone will not give him the amount of Vitamin C he requires to help improve his fertility. Even though citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, there is also plenty of sugar in those fruits and there is only so much you can eat in a day.



Get Him Extra Zinc


Zinc is important for him to take because it increases testosterone levels, sperm count and sperm motility. He can eat plenty of beef, shrimp, kidney beans, oysters, flax and pumpkin seeds to get zinc into him. However, it is recommended for him to take supplements which can be found in health food stores.



Sun Exposure is Important


The fact of the matter is that sun exposure has been shown to increase levels of testosterone, which affects the production of healthy sperm. However, in some cases that is not always possible especially when it comes to living in colder climates when the sun is not out during winter.


In that case he can take Vitamin D supplements since that is what the sun has which is helpful. Even though Vitamin D supplements are not as effective as it is from the sun, it is still better than not receiving any or little at all.



Go Through His Medicine Cabinet


This may not be common knowledge, however many prescription medications and over-the counter remedies can affect sperm quality negatively. It is best to encourage him to talk to his doctor about what medications may have a negative impact on his fertility. If he must take medication for a medical condition, then he must ask how he can boost his count and quality levels in other ways.



Encourage Him to Quit Smoking


If your man smokes, he must stop all together if he is on board with having a baby with you. All of us know how bad smoking is for us, but smoking is bad for his fertility because it can cause sperm to be misshapen and move slowly.



Cut Back on the Booze


If your man enjoys a little bit of beer and wine occasionally, that should not have much of an effect. However, be aware that alcohol can reduce the quality and quantity of sperm.  If taken in excessive amounts, it can also lead to impotence.



Discourage Him from Wearing Restrictive Clothing


If your man is wearing tight-fitting underwear, that will create heat in his groin area because it is constricting the testes. The problem with heat is that it can reduce sperm production, which will hurt your chances of getting pregnant. Buy your man some loose fitting boxers in order to help things flow better in that area.


It is also best if he avoids taking hot baths, and using laptop computers on his lap for long periods of time. Showers are a much better alternative for him while trying to conceive. The heat will not have as much of an effect on his fertility.



Don’t Have Sex Too Often


Logic may be telling you that the more you have sex with your partner, the higher the likelihood of achieving a pregnancy. However, this is false. In fact, too much sex can lower the amount of sperm found in the semen which is a huge problem when trying to conceive. That being said,  the goal is to have the most sperm possible at the opening of the cervix. For that to happen, his body needs time to build up its sperm level. A good rule of thumb is to have sex three to four times a week. This way, sex is frequent, but to the point where it is not depleting his resources.



Don’t Use Lubricants


Personal lubricants can help you have smooth and joyful sex. However, if you are healthy, there is no reason you cannot produce your own lubrication naturally. Therefore there is no need to use personal lubricants and lotions because that can interfere with sperm motility. The same goes with your saliva. Keep it as natural as possible.



If all Fails, He Needs to See His Doctor


If he has been trying everything mentioned above and no pregnancy has been achieved, then he needs to talk to his doctor because an underlying issue could be coming into play. Unfortunately at that point fertility treatments will have to be used.


Otherwise, hopefully these tips will help your man’s fertility improve, and  help you in Conceivinga Girl  or boy that you have been wanting.



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