Tired of food sticking to your pans? Try the Duo Magic Cookware from Takatack.com!



I love cooking, especially when there’s an occasion at home, but sometimes it can get frustrating. I cannot turn my back for a second because the food might get burned and stick to my pan, leaving it with that nasty overcooked taste and texture. So to prevent it from sticking or burning, I have been adding lots of oil and changing the temperature on the stove at least many times during the cooking—which is not only a hassle, but also costly and unhealthy. But I finally found the solution—change the pan!



I asked my friends, and they suggested that I try ordering my first non-stick pan at Takatack.com. I didn’t know much about Duo Magic Cookware, but I thought that it was worth a shot, and it was! Duo Magic Cookware combines the advantages of a high quality ceramic pan with the latest kitchen technology–revolutionary thermal ceramics. For the first time, your pan shows you exactly when it has reached the ideal temperature– the red dots in the pan lose their colour when the pan gets warm. If the pan is bright white, it means that it is optimally heated and is at the perfect temperature for cooking, frying, steaming and stewing. It’s cookware which saves you time and money!






At P2995.00, I can finally fry eggs perfectly, with no sticking at all! No need to add barrels of oil anymore. Everyone must try this one! Thanks to Takatack.com for featuring such an item!




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