12 Newborn Essentials You Need to Have For The First 12 Months

12 Newborn Essentials You Need to Have For The First 12 Months

Buying newborn baby stuff can be exciting and fun but can also be overwhelming at the same time, especially for the first-time parents. We have come up with a list of twelve newborn essentials to make your caregiving tasks easier and fun – all the while keeping your baby safe and happy in his/her first twelve months.


  • Baby Carrier – A baby carrier is great to have for your newborn until your child learns to walk and freely explore his/her world. It’s a lifesaver for those moments when you need to give your arms a needed break or when you need to navigate crowded places where a stroller is too inconvenient to use. Baby carriers come in wraps, slings, or structured style. Choose the style that works best for you based on comfort, adjustability, and up to which baby stage you wish to use it.   
  • Bouncy Chair or SwingYou will appreciate how a bouncer or swing gives you the ability to have some “me” time or get household chores done while letting your baby play or take a nap. A bouncer is designed to sit on the floor and bounce as your baby moves or kicks, while a swing mimics the caregiver’s swinging motion while the baby is cradled in her arms.
  • Nasal Aspirator  From time to time you will have to clear your baby’s nose of snot when he/she is suffering from allergies or colds. While you probably would not mind doing the suctioning yourself, having this tool handy is great especially when you happen to be in a public place. They come in different types: from the simple bulb syringe to the battery-powered electric aspirator and the gentler oral suction aspirator.
  • Bibs and Burp ClothsWhether it’s food, drool, or vomit, baby bibs and burp cloths serve to keep the mess off your baby’s clothes and body. They save you from constantly washing delicate baby clothes which would otherwise suffer from stains. They come in different sizes and designs. You can choose designs to match your baby’s outfit and baby hair accessories, which is another reason for you to add them to your baby stuff collection.
  • Nursing PillowBreastfeeding your baby would mean keeping your body in a fixed position for an hour or more. And this could be uncomfortable and may even hurt your back. This is where a nursing pillow could help during breastfeeding time. It is designed to hug your body and let you sit more comfortably.
  • Baby ThermometerYour baby may get sick, especially during the first 12 months due to cold, vaccines and other things. It’s important that you get to detect the slightest heat in your baby’s temperature. Babies need a special thermometer to get an accurate reading of their temperature, so an adult thermometer will not do. Baby thermometers come in many types such as rectal, temporal or forehead, axillary or armpit, ear canal, oral, and pacifier thermometer. Although mercury-based thermometers are rarely found nowadays, avoid them in case you find one available and use digital ones instead.
  • OnesiesYour baby will be mostly in their onesies during their first few months which makes them a must-have. They make dressing baby up quick and easy.
  • PacifiersPacifiers are lifesavers during those fussy baby moments. They soothe, comfort, and break the thumb-sucking habit.
  • SwaddlesSwaddles do not only provide warmth and security but helps prevent babies from being disturbed by their own reflexes while sleeping.
  • Slow Flow BottlesThey are best for newborns as they prevent babies from gulping too much milk resulting in colic, burping and gas, and spitting up.
  • Baby MonitorBaby monitors keep the worries away when you need to step out of the baby’s room or need to take a break.  You can take a shower or do some chores while checking on your sleeping baby in the other room.
  • Infant Car Seat – An infant car seat allows you to travel with your baby safely and comfortably. Experts recommend to always place infants, up to two years of age, in a rear-facing car seat in the back of your car, as there is less likelihood of a fatal injury in case of an accident. The three types of baby car seats are infant car seats (newborn until the baby reaches a certain height or weight limit), convertible car seats (converts from rear-facing to front-facing), and booster car seats (children at least four years of age and at least 40 pounds in weight).


After you have scanned through all the lists out there of what and what not to buy for your newborn, the best person to know which stuff you should buy for your baby’s safety and comfort needs would still be you.  But whatever you choose to buy, don’t forget to keep your camera ready for those cute, once in a lifetime moment with your baby.



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