Which type of online dating better?

Which type of online dating better?

If you’re single and looking for casual or serious date, there are so many online dating sites currently available, and there will be more to come. I bet you’re going to have a really hard time and get confuse on choosing one. But no worries, because there is only two types of online dating site, which is free or paid dating site. And you may use which ever you wish, as long you can decide which type of online dating site.

Free and paid dating sites are the same, the main purpose is to make a connection to people. If you’re looking one, I can help you decide which type you would use to connect. Please read throughly below. By the way, some mistaken the dating sites as sex sites. This is not true, because sex is one part of a date, but not usually been done always.


What the benefits of using dating site:

  • Less Pressure
    Since its online, you don’t need to meet someone in person. Especially if you are shy or easily get nervous, online dating will help you to connect people without giving you an embarrassment. Plus it offers of relaxed atmosphere or enviroment where ever place you are most relaxed, and still have more time to think what you would say. Therefore, sending message is much easier than approching someone in person.

  • Fast Registration
    Registration is easy, its a simple matter of answering a survey about your self, what you liked and disliked.

  • Very Efficient
    Online dating is a perfect option for a busy people, especially for those who does not have time for traditional dating methods.

  • Convinient
    With just a click of a mouse or tap of your finger you can actually search your match based from your criteria.

  • More Connection
    Online dating does not limit you to a single person, you can connect to more people.

  • Same Interest
    Interest is very important, because you don’t want to end up talking to a person who does not want to listen to what you’re saying. Therefore, online dating will let you easily check the profile if you have the same interest.

  • Cost Saving
    Since its online you don’t have to spend a lot to make your self appealing. You can see the person photo and profile easily before you connect.

  • Avoid Embarrassment
    Online dating will help you to avoid real life rejection and embarrassment.

  • Compatibility
    Online dating helps a lot to search your compatibility easily. Also, it provides a unique opportunity to get to know the person behind the face.

  • Soul Mate
    If you’re looking one, then your prayers has been answered. Because online dating will help you to find your soul mate. Using the criteria and interest you will easily find your soul mate. But don’t get in shock if you have more than one soul mate.


Difference of free and paid dating sites:

  • Cost
    You have to pay for each service of paid dating site offers. While the free dating site offer an absolute free of services.

  • Quantity
    Paid dating site has fewer registered people, while the free dating site has a lot of registered people who are looking for a casual or serious date.

  • Quality
    It depends which site, whether paid or free they have things better than each other.

  • Survey Result
    Based from online consumer report survey most men or women would preffer to use free online dating site than the paid dating site.



There you have it, I hope I was able to provide you the answer you are looking,
and able to give you an idea which type of dating sites you will choose.



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