My TJ’s Experience at McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 2018 Workshop






TJ’s Orientation Day









My TJ made this McDo Cheeseburger for his Mommy Lola. 


Mommy Lola said  “Eating McDo cheeseburger,  TJ made for me during his Kiddie Crew Workshop this afternoon… *YUM*”




With the help of my hubby, I able to post this video, this is the First day of my son with McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop 





Graduation Day


Crew of McDonald’s Shorthorn Road 20 St. Proj. 8 Quezon City.



TJ with his Certificate





McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop 2018  Schedule and items your child will have




You may visit McDonald’s 2018 Kiddie Crew 2018 FAQs website If you have more questions.



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