Tutoring for Pre-school Children: Luxury or Necessity?

Tutoring for Pre-school Children: Luxury or Necessity?

Tutoring for pre-school children has been trending these few years. If you are gen X or gen Y, or even the earlier bunch of gen Z, you probably didn’t remember your parents needing to hire a special teacher to come home and teach you how to read and talk and write. Back then, there is no competition in entering grade school. Parents didn’t really have any problem with public school and would be glad to send their children there. The public school usually don’t have requirements for their aspiring students except for age, basic skill, and quota.

These days, however, education has improved greatly. Private schools offer more facilities, more prestige, more conducive environment for your children to study better and therefore achieve better. Any parent, wishing the best for their children, now wants to send their children to private school. However, there is a limited number of good private school, less than the number of children about to enter. Competition happens, and the needs for tutor arise.

So, to answer the titular question is pre-school tutoring luxury or necessity, we need to consider the change in the education trend between the time we grew up and now. It depends on the parent’s value. If they agree private school is far better than public school, then securing the enrolment for their children makes tutoring a necessity. For parents who believe in public school, this is luxury. However, even children who don’t go to private school can get many benefits from tutoring. See these reasons below and decide if they are luxury or necessity.


Reasons to hire tutor for pre-school children

  • Your children are more advanced than their peers
    Some parents may ask: if my children are more advanced than their peers, then why do they even need tutoring?

    The answer is to keep them interested in whatever it is they excel at. For example, once we met a sweet little girl, barely 5-year-old, who has the reading skill of the 2nd-grade student. Reading storybook with big bright pictures are still fun for her, but she is curious to see what else in other kinds of books – ones without or with a very little picture.

    Her parents don’t know if they should let their daughter read anything she can find or not. They want to stimulate her talent, but they don’t know what kind of books and what kind of reading method that can support their daughter the best. Hiring a tutor, they instantly felt more relieved because now their daughter has someone who knows what she needed.

  • Your children have a special condition that caused him to have difficulty learning
    Some children are born special, and they need special needs as well. Some children are blessed with physical ability, but lack of logic, for example. Some children could suffer from the psychological problems like LD or ADHD. Sometimes, however, their special needs causes them to have difficulty learning basic skills – such as reading, talking, and writing.

    In this case, it’s best to hire someone who already has experience and know what works best with the child’s condition. Parents sometimes aren’t equipped with this specific knowledge, or maybe they’ve learned about it because of their children, but they would still lack the real-life experience of handling children with special needs, and sometimes that what makes the difference in the learning progress. Also, having an Alphabet Curtains or Poster will help your child to get more interested in the alphabet. Especially if the alphabet is colorful and has animals.

  • Your children are from multiracial family and speak two language
    The multiracial family has been increasing in number, as time goes by, technology advances forward, and the world becomes more open. If the parents happen to come from races that speak a different language than the other, it’s a good idea to hire a tutor to help your children learning the other language than the one they’ve already used to. It not only help your children to be bilingual but helps them know about themselves and their origin as well.

    The key to introducing the second language to children is to make sure they are already fluent in the first language first. Never teach two different languages at the same time. It will only make them confused, and studies even found that it’s not as effective as teaching the languages one by one.

  • You are working parents but you don’t want your kids’ education to be compensated by it
    Teaching pre-schooler basic skill and knowledge like writing, talking, reading, and simple math are easy enough. If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, you can dedicate your time to teach your children all those skills between housework – which is not easy but can still be done. However, if you are both working parents and work away from home, you’re losing those little times when you can play and guide your children to study.

    A tutor knows the kind of materials and study plans that can adequately cover the difference frequency in learning among children. You can grab a picture book and tell the story to your children over the weekend, but a tutor will know how to read the story in such a way that makes your children learn new words, new expression, and probably even gain the fondness for reading.


Of course, those four aren’t the only reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a tutor for your pre-school children. Every parent faces the different situation for their children. Sometimes, it’s necessary because if they don’t hire the tutor, there is a chance their children will face the consequence later. For some others, they simply want to give the best opportunity and facility for their children, and there’s nothing wrong in that too. Parents love their children, that’s just a fact – for most parents at least.

Do you have any children that are about to enter kindergarten? Do you think they are prepared for their first day of school or do you think you need to support them more? Would you support them by hiring tutor, or would you actually teach them yourself? Share your story and opinion about pre-school tutoring below.



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